Star Wars Youtube video increases Disney market cap

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser 2

Jon C. Ogg writes for

“What is even more amazing is that a new movie trailer being released, even without the next Star Wars movie officially even being released, just added $2 billion in market cap to Disney’s shares.”

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See the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer here.

Adopting the customer point of view


Adopting the customer point of view is necessary for successful Brand Equity Management.

If those who build the brand are not able to see and feel same as what the customer sees and feels, then they are not engineering but gambling with brand equity.

Everybody is a customers, but for some reason when we sell we forget our experiences of buying and using products.

The most effective way of adopting the customer point of view is to buy and use the product or service.

Also buying and using competitor products and services is beneficial.

It is important to go through the process of buying, because the purchase moment and price define the brand as well.

If the product is not easy to buy and use, like B2B or luxury products, then experiencing isolated parts of buying and using process are sufficient.

Brand equity management focuses the company on individual consumers

JTT PARTNERS consumer decision

Brand is best described as individual consumer expectation.

Individual consumer expects BMW car to look cool and work well or McDonalds meals to be cheap, fast, strong taste, and satisfy hunger.

In B2B individual consumer is the person making a decision to purchase the B2B product or service.

Their needs are equally complex as in B2C, but different.

If individual’s expectation is consistently met by a Brand, then the Brand is worth more.

Brand Equity is, in most simple terms, the financial worth of customer expectations.

Brand Equity Management is a business strategy which aims to align the company to meet individual’s expectations.

Hundreds, thousands, millions of individuals.