Promote your Mother Brand

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Most companies do not own only one Brand, but several Brands.
This means they own Brand Portfolio.
Of all the Brands, there is always one Brand is which the main Brand – Mother Brand.
Other Brands can be products, services, stores, features, etc.
These are Child Brands.
Child Brands are all connected together with the Mother Brand.
Mother Brands redistributes the positive and negative expectations from single to all Child Brands.
If iPhone succeeds, also Apple Brand grows, and all its other Brands like Retina Display, iPad, and iTunes.
In some cases a companies have a successful product and focus on its growth.
The Mother Brand becomes neglected.
Negative effects of this are that new Child Brands are hard to introduce due to lack of strong Mother Brand.
Good examples can be music one hit wonders.

Define brands with guidelines

keep calm and follow bem guidelines

Brands should be maintained by all aspects in a company.

Sales, marketing, customer support, and product design should all strive to consistently support the company Brand portfolio.

If a Brand represents environment goals or religious views, then all company departments should follow them.

Brand consistency can be managed by software, training, leadership, and guidelines.

Guidelines are checklists, processes, rules, and forms which guide the staff in their work.

Guidelines should strive to guide staff towards avoiding actions that damage the consistency and therefore Brand Equity.

Guidelines sometimes can be very specific to what needs to be done, but are best in preventing negative actions.

They can be text, diagrams, illustrations, voice or video content.

Star Wars Youtube video increases Disney market cap

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser 2

Jon C. Ogg writes for

“What is even more amazing is that a new movie trailer being released, even without the next Star Wars movie officially even being released, just added $2 billion in market cap to Disney’s shares.”

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